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Nicole Lee Weekeng girl handbag
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Nicole Lee Weekeng girl handbag

  • Brand [nicole lee/ Nicole Lee] from American L.A. The design is wide from a pop, a nostalgic thing to the design which is cool, and is a lock Designer "Suzy Han" which is an artist??Studs decoration and the coloration of the color are indeed artistic. The individual and novel design is liked in the wide age group while holding down a trend. The discerning good-quality material which is near genuine leather while being fake leather. L.A lot of A celebrities are using it habitually, too! It is a 100% regular article. Don't worry.??Popular vintage art print series. There is the adult lady mood. I customize a wrinkle on the wet good-quality surface.??An antique pouch opening and shutting model.??On the bag both sides, I totally print the artistic art such as the picture. Dull dark brown and enamel Brown are taken in.??With cute nicole lee logo charm that the rhinestone which shined shiningly was buried in. Removable. (antique gold) ??There is not the pop color and is the coloration that is the calm dark that it is easy to match. ??I take it, and a shoulder is with a slant. The size that is just right without being too big. The handle which I can have on my shoulder. ??It becomes the design development not the development of the color. As each atmosphere, coloration is different, please choose him to preference of oneself. ??Gold all antique as for the metal fittings part. ??A back fastener pocket. The inside is fastener type pocket one place. Two places of other pockets. ??Opening and shutting is the ceremony of pouch. ??The middle cloth designs Nicole Lee's original flower art same as 3 designs. ??Size: 41cm in width 26cm in height 19cm in width handle length: Take a 55cm slant; shoulder length: It is 159cm (disassembly, length adjustment possibility) weight 89cm: 1,020 grams ??The capacity that the capacity of the bag contains around 2.3 pieces of towels. ??Material: 100% of polyurethane 100% (fake leather) lining polyester ??Our store is a store specializing in Nicole lee. Ask me about the care methods willingly. ??Visitor review?? A pouch is very pretty! The design of the inside is elaborate, too; and ^^ which is feeling d stylish bag which the form is good for
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